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Superior Quality, Delivered On-Time

Business Philosophy

Based in San Francisco, California, DVD Copycat was launched in 2002 and remains driven by a simple philosophy. Our goal is to develop and maintain customer relationships by providing a product and service that exceeds current industry standards. We take the time and make the effort to communicate accurately and organize effectively, which results in clear and definitive project goals, timelines and expectations.

At DVD Copycat we have the experience, company culture, and technological know-how to provide you with the best products available. We know that you've put your heart and soul into your project and that you expect a beautiful and unique end product you can be proud of. Our aim is to delight you every time. We are committed to delivering premium quality products, providing friendly customer service and meeting every deadline, to ensure you have peace of mind when running your custom DVD, CD, Blu-Ray, disc packaging and other custom printing and promotional projects with us.

Blending Personal Touch with Technology

Our commitment to personalized manufacturing and outstanding customer service remain unchanged. Technology enhances our ability to deliver superior results, letting us automate those items which help our customers while freeing up time to ensure we can focus on quality and the unique aspects of each CD and DVD order. Our investment in software and hardware technology is extensive, and provides benefits including custom online ordering tools, automated order confirmations, reminders and shipment notifications, effective quality control processes, lower retail prices and an expanded (and still increasing) product offering. Both our customers and we benefit significantly from this technology investment.

Premium Products

DVD Copycat is more than just a trusted manufacturer of custom DVD and CD products. Most significantly, DVD Copycat differentiates itself with our commitment to quality products and results. Brian Fisher, DVD Copycat's founder, said it perfectly, "Quality and accuracy in every facet of a business, whether it is the delivered product itself, or the communication of deadlines, process, or design development, reflect that personal care."

While many CD and DVD duplication companies use basic quality CD-R and DVD-R media and lower quality and lower resolution ink jet printing techniques for their disc printing (or even worse for the customer, printed labels), DVD Copycat is committed to the best technologies available. We utilize superior quality technology and raw materials, including premium CD-R and DVD-R media and high-resolution thermal transfer printing for our DVD and CD duplication projects. For CD and DVD manufacturing, we only work with fully patent-compliant injection molding and lacquering replication plants and only use high resolution offset or silkscreen DVD and CD printing equipment.


We are proud to offer many online choices for your disc projects. You wouldn't know it just by looking at our disc assembler tool, but there are over 10,000 combinations available for an order of 100 discs – wow! But we keep it simple by asking you to select your options in a clear, easy to use navigate interface. Options include:

  • Disc printing –black-print only and full color options on white or silver discs
  • Packaging– from retail favorites to printed boardstock and economy options
  • Production time - economy and rush disc duplication and replication
  • Retail finishing options and barcodes
  • Shipping - economy and expedited options

Getting Started with DVD Copycat

  • Do It Online: For the majority of DVD and CD projects, our 24/7 online tools are the best way to get started. We offer most standard retail and printed boardstock packaging, plus retail finishing options like UPC barcodes and shrink wrap. Whenever or wherever it's convenient for you, you can use our online tools to quote your project, design or upload your disc and packaging artwork, upload CD content and place your order. Plus, it's easy to track your orders and place reorders through your account.

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  • Custom Orders: Our online tools are meant to be a convenient starting point for most orders. In general, over 80% of projects we produce each month can be ordered directly online. However, for larger orders (above 5000 units) or when you have custom requirements such as special packaging needs, rush replication, special fulfillment needs or other unique order or product requirements, we offer a wide choice of off-menu options. The easiest way to move forward with a custom request is to complete our custom order form. That will allow us to gather some information and call you back, ready to discuss options and ideas with you.

    Custom Request Form

  • Don't Hesitate to Call: Prefer to talk? No problem. There is no obligation and discussing your project with us will give us a better feel for the scope of your potential project. You may find we can help you do something you didn't know was possible, or that you hadn't even thought of doing.

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