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Add Va Va Voom to your Hip Hop, Rock or Cha Cha

Mastering is a necessary, final part of the professional audio production process. After the recording engineer is done, the mastering engineer will get your tracks and album sounding their best outside the studios ┬ľon smart phones, radios, ear buds and cars. Professional audio mastering adds radio-ready volume and sonic clarity and punch to your audio using EQ and compression, and provides more seamless continuity to your entire album.

Our Mastering Service Options

Software-automated volume boost & EQ optimization administered by a professional engineer

Custom volume and EQ optimization by experienced mastering engineer using top-of-the-line software and outboard gear

2 to 3 business days

4 to 5 business days

$199 flat for first 10 tracks
$15 each additional track

$199 flat for first 2 albumtracks
$50/track for next 5 tracks
$25/track for tracks 8 and higher

Automated EQ & Compression

Pro Crafted EQ & Compression

Revisions not included

Revisions included