Quality Guarantee

DVD Copycat stands behind the quality of every product we produce. We know that your project will only be a success if it works flawlessly and is delivered on time, and we take that responsibility very seriously. So should a problem ever arise due to our workmanship we will rework the project and make it right, no questions asked!

Replication Quality! For your Replication needs we provide a product that is manufactured with state of the art equipment to provide you with a flawless product. All of our Replicated DVDs are manufactured in an ISO Certified plant and are 100% MADE IN THE USA. Our commitment to our products and clients can be measured in our accurate communications, on time delivery, and the availability of dedicated professionals that are always on staff and ready to work with you on your project. We don’t pass you off to the website or leave you with unanswered questions. We make sure that from start to finish your project is taken care of to give you the peace of mind of a job that is high quality and on time.

Duplication Quality! - All discs are NOT created equal! Don’t be fooled by so called "Bargain" prices. You work hard and spend your time and money to deliver a great product. Make sure that when you distribute your final product that your discs perform every time. Below is an explanation on how we clearly exceed the industry standards for blank media and print quality.

Blank Media Quality There is a significant difference between different types of blank media. Most duplicators try to source the least expensive to provide the lowest cost disc to the end user. Often times this can result in poor compatibility and longevity of the disc. At DVD Copycat we have sourced the highest quality blank media available. Ask us what brand we use and we will be happy to discuss this with you. Sure these discs cost more, but if you want your discs to last and expect them to play flawlessly, you need a better disc than the industry standard.

Print Quality Many duplicators have opted for lower quality printing options to reduce costs(often called digital print or inkjet). At DVD Copycat we use only Rimage Everest 600 thermal CMYK printing or other superior quality thermal transfer processes. This is the industry’s’ best and highest quality printing solution providing the highest resolution glossy coat printing available in the Market. Again, this solution costs a little more, but when you want your discs to look professional, this is the best option.

Process Quality We adhere to strict process and production procedures in house that reduce product defects and human error. We run several quality checks on your disc before it is put into production. After these checks your project is then manufactured on the latest machinery equipped with the best in quality verification and error detection. We are so confident in our premium line of Duplicated discs, that we offer a satisfaction guarantee! We can make this Guarantee because with our knowledge and experience, DVD Copycat manufactures the most reliable and highest quality DVD-R’s, BD-Rs and CD-R’s, period.